I am a scientist, artist and writer based in the UK. I am currently partway through a PhD in astrophysics research, studying supermassive black holes, which you can read more about here.

As an artist, I am interested in the crossover between art and science, and am drawn to experimental techniques and processes alongside traditional methods of painting and storytelling. I have made several short stop-motion animation films, and have had two UK solo exhibitions of my artwork. I’ve participated in many international group shows and residencies, including in Iceland, Germany and Romania. My work is held in private collections throughout the world. You can find out more about it here.

As a writer, I have just completed the first draft of a novel which I have been working on since childhood. I have also written several volumes of poetry (both pamphlets and collections) which have been (and, in two instances, continue to be) shortlisted by respected poetry publishers. You can see samples of my work here. I am the founder and editor of Until the Stars Burn Out, an arts and poetry journal devoted to different perspectives concerning the cosmos and our place within it.

Before starting my PhD, I worked in public astronomy and heritage resource management. I still have a keen interest in issues regarding land management, heritage and environmental protection. Alongside my background in science and art, I also have a BPS-accredited degree in psychology.

Alongside my PhD, I work as a web designer and data centre technician. My most recent projects have been helping with the LOFAR surveys website, and the University of Hertfordshire’s high-performance computing cluster.

Note on attribution and copyright: several of the featured artworks utilise public domain images, for example from NASA. These are used within usage guidelines. Contact me for further details.

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